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Plano: Day 3

Well, a new day has begun and it didn’t begin with a neighbor banging on a wall or the lawn-maintenance people doin’ their thing. Unfortunately, it did begin with a few hours of tossing and turning since I seem to be having trouble sleeping soundly. I’m hoping that I’m just not used to my new environment or something, but I might be breakin’ out the Tylenol PM pretty soon if this restlessness doesn’t subside.

I’m about to head out to buy more stuff. First, I’m off to the furniture stores to see if I can make a decision on some stuff. I think I’ll go with a set at Rooms To Go, but I’m having a little problem over there: I’m considering two sets. The “nicer” set is a little more expensive, but a lot more comfortable and it looks a bit more casual (which is what I’m after), but it only comes in three colors–khaki, olive and cherry–none of which is very appealing. The khaki and olive are not only ugly, but too light and would show dirt after about four minutes of use. The cheaper set (cheaper by about $300 American) has better colors (I guess)–both much darker versions of khaki and olive–but the cushions feel like they’re actually rocks wrapped in fabric. The fabric is kinda’ strange too, because it has that suede look (the one where you can write your name with your finger, then erase it with a swipe of your hand). But overall, the set is decent looking. The good news is that I found a dining room set (table and four chairs) that is reasonably priced and the wood matches the wood for the “cocktail” tables and end tables of the two living room sets. I’m going crazy just writing this junk.

Then, I’m off to Best Buy. I decided I’m going to buy a DVD player/TiVo combo by Toshiba. It looks like it’s the best of both worlds (it’s the 80-hour version of the TiVo and a decent progressive scan DVD player with all the standard outputs) and it works out to be a little cheaper than buying a DVD player and TiVo separately. I guess intuition says it should be cheaper to buy them in a combo deal, but that isn’t always true with new technology. The rule of thumb with new technology is: the newer and/or more convenient, the pricier. I’m also getting a little TV stand for my new TV.

I’m off to read a little more about Narnia, then I’m braving the furniture stores.

TV up and running

I had my cable turned on a couple days ago, but hadn’t been able to watch any TV since I don’t have one yet… until I was looking through a box of computer junk and stumbled upon a TV-tuner card that I borrowed from my roommate a while back. It took a little doing (the card was made back in ’98, so it was tough to get it to work with Windows XP), but I was able to catch Must See TV tonight and I’ll have something to do tomorrow night as well.

Phone home

I’ve been spending a lot of time (mostly at night) on the phone with friends and family from back home. I think it’s necessary that I keep in touch with those who are close to me, so I can maintain my grip on the reality that exists outside my little world here. Also, I just really enjoy talking to people from back home and it’s nice to hear familiar voices.

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